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Jenna Hinshaw grew up in Bucks County, PA, and has always been a color enthusiast. Her childhood bedroom had four different, vibrant colors on the walls, and she insisted on painting a mural of the sun in the corner- herself. While her tastes have matured- don’t worry, she’s not going to paint a giant yellow sun on your ceiling - that passion for color and design has never faded.


She graduated from East Strasburg University with a degree in hospitality, so she understands what it means for a space to be welcoming and inviting. Jenna started her career in Cleveland, OH, with Marriott as a restaurant bar manager. A few years later, she settled in Washington, DC, married the love of her life, and adopted two adorable pets.

She has held many different positions in Marriott, including event manager, catering sales executive, and, most recently, destination sales executive. All these positions have called upon her creative element of design woven through, and the desire to do interior design on her own never entirely left her. While with the company, she used her design expertise to create beautiful spaces for banquets, weddings, conferences, holiday parties, and galas. 


Jenna is so excited to take on your next design project with you. Let her put the stamp of timeless design on your space.

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