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Vacation Rental Design

Is the design of your vacation home holding you back from drawing in more renters? Let’s create a better experience for them and allow you to gain your maximum earning potential! Creating a design that is updated and guest-friendly can increase your rental home profits.

The beautiful thing about redesigning a vacation rental is that you, the owner, will also benefit from the changes you make – it will still retain its newfound beauty when you decide to take a week and stay there!

At JMH Lifestyle Design, we can work with you to fit any budget. Whether you are creating simple aesthetic changes to make your space more modern or overhauling your kitchen and bathrooms with a renovation team, we can put together a package that will work for you and fulfill your vision.

You will benefit from consulting about listing your rental. JMH Lifestyle Design is different from other design companies in offering consulting services when listing your rental property. Jenna is more well-versed in knowing how to price your listing to attract your ideal renter with her hospitality background.


Jenna can also help you to compare your property to others on the market to make sure you price your rental to sell. Lastly, we will guide you through share market trends to see your maximum earning potential.

Let’s get your house designed, staged, and rented!

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